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Pet Sitting

No cages. No stress.

No place like home.

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Familiarity Breeds Content.

Think of pet sitting as a staycation for your pets. Our dogs & cats would much rather be pampered in the place they love the most — their own home!

While you're gone, you can schedule in-home pet sitting visits for your dogs and cats as needed throughout the day to make sure their routine continues without interruption.

Most of our dog parents prefer 2-3 visits a day: in the morning, midday & evening. Our cat parents typically request 1-2 visits a day, morning and/or evening.


Some of the things we do.

providing food and waterfresh food and water

take the dog for a walkgo for a walk

feed the cat, clean the litter boxcat care and litter

give medication to petsgive medication

feed other critters such as birds, fish and reptilesfeed other critters

bring in mail, turn on/off lightsmail, lights, home care

belly rubs are always freefree belly rubs

Every pet’s routine is different so if there's something on your list you don’t see here just let us know!

overnight pet sitting with a relaxed dog

Sleepover Specialists

your place...

In addition to pet sitting visits we also offer overnight pet sitting in your home. Overnight care is the perfect choice for those who want both pet and home care.

first, we provide pet care in the eveningWe’ll adjust the schedule to your needs but typically we arrive in the early evening to provide meals, walks and playtime.

we sleep over with your dogs and catsWe leave briefly to tend to our own pets, have dinner and then we’re back for our sleepover. Right before bed we’ll go out for a quick potty break.

finally in the morning we provide pet care and go for a dog walkIn the morning we’ll have breakfast, go for a walk and provide any other necessary care before heading out for the day. Rinse & repeat.

...or ours...

We also offer doggie homeboarding where we host your dog in our home. If your dog is at least one year of age, vaccinated, neutered and has great social skills with people and dogs this may be a great option for you.


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meet & greet no charge
30-minute visit $28.00
60-minute visit $47.00
> 3 pets +$5 per additional pet
overnight sitting
your home
> 1 pet +$5 per additional pet
our home
(one dog)
(each addt'l dog)
holidays* +50%

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* Applies to services scheduled on the day of the holiday. Includes: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day

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